Qigong Classes

I have been practicing Yi Ren Qigong consistently for eight years.  I fell in love with Yi Ren Qigong because the exercises helped me quickly feel my “Qi” or subtle energy.  As I continued to practice I became more aware of the Qi flow in my body and how my energy system interacts with the environment.  I now practice Yi Ren Qigong on a daily basis because it helps me move toward a greater sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

As a healthcare provider, I strive to have a person-centered approach where the patient is at the center of the decision-making process.  My primary role is to offer resources to help inform their decisions and improve their health.  I am excited to share Yi Ren Qigong with others as I believe it offers a comprehensive system of practices that help people cultivate health on all levels.  For individuals seeking mind-body support, there are exercises for cultivating and regulating the “Qi” flow of the organ systems.  For those interested in exploring more abstract concepts, there are meditations on virtues, universal laws and spiritual connections.


Classes coming soon!!

Dayne Grove, ND, LAc